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I have an sram gxp xx1 crank that I want to install on my Raleigh XXIX which has an FSA eccentric bb(pf30 to gxp)

I am waiting for my 32 AB oval ring to come in before I install. I installed it last night to test it out and noticed that that current spider hit the bottom bracket. The clearance is fine for the frame but the bb seems to large a diameter for the inside of the spider.

I do need an extra spacers which i'll get before I install but what i'm wondering is, can i just add a spacer on the drive side so that the spider isn't rubbing the outside bb she'll? I used a temporary spacer to test it out and it seemed too work fine.

The AB chain ring I ordered allows takes the place of the spider so that may fix the problem. If not i'm likely going to add a spacer to the drive side.

Does anyone else use this crank or have had this issue with the spider rubbing the bb shell?
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