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SRAM XX Question

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Ok so I recently got a XX crankset for my bike so now its 2x9 with an XTR FD. I just bought an XX FD I should be able to use it even tho its 2x9 right?

Note: I am slowly upgrading everything to SRAM XX.
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Yup, that is what I have done. XX cranks and front mech with X0 shifters and rear derrallieur and 11-34 9 speed cassette. Works fine once you have set all the stops on the mech.

I would advise setting up the front shifter to shift from granny position to middle rather than middle to big. I, for some reason, did the latter and now have the 'problem' of accidentally downshifting twice on rocky descents and then needing to upshift twice to get back on to the big ring. I just need to re-fettle :).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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