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SRAM XX and 9 speed?

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I like the 2 front rings idea, but does anyone have any idea if this would work as a 2x9 using all 9 speed components? Or more simply, will the XX's 10 speed chain rings work with a 9 speed chain?

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I think it should work, I don't think the teeth are any thinner than on 9 speed chainrings but since I haven't seen the XX crankset with my own eyes...
It is my understanding that Sram XX is an integrated system. It is not compatible with 9 spd or any other Sram components. I'll be doing the full groupo on my new bike once the frame is built.
I switched my 10 speed cross bike to 9 speed, but left the 10-speed crankset alone. So I had a 9 speed chain, cassette, derailleurs and shifters with a 10 speed double crank. It worked, but the chain would try to climb onto the big ring if i had it in the small / small combo. I switched to a 10-speed chain, and now all the combos are usable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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