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SRAM XO derailleur parts

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Where is a good place online to buy rear derailleur parts? I snapped my yesterday.
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It depends on what part you snapped... cage assemblies you can get.
Depends on what you need....

about the only thing I've seen available online for SRAM derailleurs is the cage assembly. Universal Cycle has them, . Other than that I'm not aware of much else. For a list of all the parts that SRAM has available for their rear ds go here SRAM MTB Road SPC_Rev C.pdf . Most though would have to be ordered through a dealer/LBS. I haven't found anyplace online that has a really extensive selection of rear derailleur parts. If you do find some place be sure to post it here.

Good Dirt
I ended up buying a new derailleur from Cambria Bike with 25% for $108 including shipping. This is cheaper than buying a new cage and bolt.

Thanks to those for responding.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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