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I recently bought a cannondale scalpel 2012 team carbon 26er frame. I also have bought a crankset (second hand), SRAM xo with GXP bb included.

The scalpel has the bb30 fitting where the bearings are set directly in the frame (see below).

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The spindle that is on the crank is too thin or bearings too wide whichever you want to make of it. I wanted to ask is there a reducer set I can buy like the one here:

OR if I take the bb30 bearings out would the GXP bb work?

Or do I need to do something else all together?

I have the spacers and bearing shield that are needed if I go the bb30 route. I just really want to know what's my next step to take to fit it all together.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Slash's link is good,.. and decent bearings.. but if ya spent the $$ on an X0 cranks you might want to get slightly better BB bearings and setup? The Real world cycling uses the same Enduro brand bearings but you can get a class or 2 up.. plus the bearing shell is made to screw together in the middle which helps with the well know dreaded press fit squeaking and BS..

KCNC/RWC BB30 to GXP BB Adapter with Enduro ZERO Bearings
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