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SRAM x9 Won't shift up

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I'm having trouble getting my SRAM x9 shifter and Deore LX front der to work
My problem is in the front shifter/derailleur, it is stuck on the smallest ring, and I can't get it to go up. When the shifter is in the lowest setting (all the tension is released and it should be sitting where it is stuck) the cable is slack. I can push the lever forward and it clicks once but does not shift, though the derailleur moves a little bit. After that, I can't push the shifter lever for another click, it binds up about halfway through the stroke. I can move the shifter into the higher ring position with my hands, but it does not stay, and it is not the cable that is bound up. I'm pretty positive that the problem lies in the shifter, but I have no idea what to do about it.
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Is this a new install? If not, perhaps the cable slipped where it attaches to the der.

You should only have a small amount of slack on the cable when on the small ring. If you can't take the slack out using the barrel adjuster on the shifter, you will have to loosen the cable from the der. Then reattach it so that there is less slack in the cable. Reset the barrel adjuster and put the shifter in low before doing this.

Bookmark this site. Lots of info.
Yep, that was it. I feel kinda stupid now. Thanks!
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