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about 2 years ago I bought a new set of x-9 twist shifters and a rear mech for a hard tail that I rarely use. I've ridden the bike maybe 1/2 dozen times in that period. I've never been able to get the drive train to quit making noise in position #2. When it gets dirty, which happens fast off-road, it ghosts. I've replaced the entire drive train (crank set, cassette, chain...) with no luck. atmo, I'm a decent wrench who rarely has trouble dialing in a drive train. It's my opinion that I got a bad shifter out of the box because it hasn't worked correctly since day one. My problem is that I now live 3000+ miles away from the lbs where I bought it and the warranty policy specifically states all warranty returns must take place at original place of purchase. So, I'm willing to write it off.

The question is, do I chalk it up as an isolated incident and buy another set of SRAM twist shifters or move on and replace em with XTR shifters and go back to triggers?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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