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so i know SHIMANO has used the term "low-normal" for the rapid-rise rear derailleurs. i have used that setup for quite some time now with an XTR rear der. and the XTR dual-control levers... i was wondering how the SRAM stuff works in comparison. ive never had any experience with SRAM stuff to see how it works... i like the looks of the XO stuff over the XTR but the XTR stuff has never left me feeling unsatisfied.... and i really like the dual-control levers and how they work. i am up in the air about components for my new build so any thoughts or advice would help. does SRAM stuff work like the conventional "top-normal" SHIMANO...?
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SRAM works like "top normal". It tends to have a heavier, more mechanical feel than Shimano's light feel. IME it is less prone to having issues in mud and wet than Shimano.

I recommend you head down to an LBS and test ride a new bike with SRAM on it, both systems work but you'll either like the feel of one or the other.
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