SRAM has launched an updated rotor design that it claims is quieter and more powerful than its predecessors. The all-new HS2 Rotor is a mountain bike-specific rotor designed to improve brake performance while reducing noise and increasing heat dissipation.
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The new HS2 rotor is 2mm thick. This is slightly thicker than the rest of the rotors in SRAM's Centerline rotor line, which measure 1.85mm across. The increased width helps this rotor better manage heat, as does thermal dissipating paint on the recessed rotor arms. The HS2 also features a new brake track pattern for increased pad traction. SRAM claims this results in a 7-percent increase in stopping power.
In addition to a slight boost in stopping power, the HS2 features an impressive reduction in running temperatures. According to SRAM, the HS2 rotor ran 40°c cooler during on a Garda test track.
SRAM is offering the HS2 in 160mm, 180mm, 200mm and 220mm sizes for six-bolt and Centerlock standards. Pricing ranges from $50 to $65 depending on the rotor diameter. According to SRAM, the HS2 will be the standard rotor option with new SRAM brake systems going forward.

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