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the drivetrain of my 2011 Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29er is worn out.

It is a SRAM 10spd setup. 2x10 - Specialized/SRAM OEM S-1250 crankset with 33/22 teeth alloy chainrings. A Shimano Dynasys cassette (SLX I guess) and a Shimano Dynasys chain.

I´ll buy a XT level Dynasys chain and a 12-36 XT level cassette - but I am not sure what chainrings will fit on the crank.

It is a 4-bolt type 104mm dia. I don´t care if the replacement ring is 32 or 33 tooth. The SRAM chainrings are really, really expensive from what I see.

I´d like to replace them with steel chainrings. Don´t mind the weight, would appreciate higher longevity. I don´t know if the SRAM steel chainrings (which are cheap) will fit.

Anyone tried this?

Might Shimano chainrings fit?
Ditch the Sram crank and get a Deore crank instead? Complete with bottom bracket and chainrings it is cheaper than a single big SRAM alloy replacement ring...

Might not work with the 2spd SRAM front derailleur then...:nono::nono:

Greetings and thanks for any input!


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Race face makes 10 speed replacement chainrings. But they come in 24t, 32t, and 36t. Or you can buy a 24/36/bash all together. Made of alloy but cheaper than the SRAM chainrings. Shimano chainrings will not fit unless you do some dremmel tool work on them.

Universal Cycles -- Race Face Turbine 10 Speed Chainrings
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