The Roam 60 is SRAM's top tier carbon wheelset. When they debuted in 2013, it was at the cusp of the wider-is-better revolution. Since then, however, wheels and tires have only gotten bigger.

The latest from SRAM sports a 30mm wide internal diameter. They've also stepped away from the UST rim-and-bead-hook design, instead embracing hookless rim construction. And unlike the previous generation, which was available in three different sizes, the new Roam 60 is available in 27.5 only. MSRP is $1900 ($900 front/$1000 rear) and they will be available starting in April.

The redesigned Roam 60 wheels now have a wider inner diameter and a hookless rim profile.

The redesigned SRAM Roam 60 wheels have a wider inner diameter and hookless rim profile (click to enlarge).​

Axle spacing options are standard or boost, with standard wheelsets including convertible axle caps for QR, 15x100mm, 20x110mm, and 12x142mm. The Boost version includes 21mm and 31mm RockShox torque thru-axle caps.

The new Roam wheelset ships with stealthy black graphics, but a set of colored decals is included in each box for maximum customization.

The updated Roam wheelset has stealthy black graphics, but comes with various colored decals if you prefer a more customized look (click to enlarge).​

Both versions of the wheelset come stock with stealthy black graphics, but also include a decal pack with eight different color sticker sets. They're also available with either XD or Shimano 10/11 driver bodies. Weights are 750 grams front, 875 grams rear in the lightest configuration.

Whether you're still on the good old 15mm standard of the boost train, SRAMs 900 series hubs have you covered.

Whether you're still on the old 15mm standard or the Boost train, SRAM's 900 series hubs have you covered (click to enlarge).​

On the hub side, SRAM had been using DT Swiss internals, but their new 900 series use their own Double Time System. It has a 4-pawl design that turns a 26-tooth ratchet ring into 52 points of engagement.

The 900 series hubs use a 4 pawl ratchet mechanism for 52 POE of 6.9 degrees of engagement.

SRAM's 900 series hubs use a 4 pawl ratchet mechanism for 52 points of engagement and 6.9 degrees of engagement (click to enlarge).​

The hubs are available in most current standards and can be spec'd with 24, 28, or 32 spoke holes. Weight is 150 grams for the front, 275 grams for the rear.

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