SRAM had three new wheels on display at Sea Otter, the Roam 50 and Roam 60, and the Rail 60, and they'll all come in 26", 27.5" and 29" sizes, and are UST compatible. They set out from a basic design edict of having a wheelset that was about versatility and balance, and keeping thing's light while still retaining durability and stiffness (light but not to light). The Roam series has a 21mm inner width rim and is for x-country and trail usage, and the Rail has a 23mm inner width and is for Enduro and All-Mountain. The Roam 50 and Rail 60 uses a 6061 T6 aluminum rim, while the Roam 60 uses unidirectional and woven carbon fiber, and all models use straight pull spokes in a 2 cross pattern. An interesting design aspect of the Roam 60 was that they used the carbon for better stiffness, and not for weight savings, so it's overbuilt and weighs about the same as the aluminum brethren. The wheels will be available during the July to August time frame, and the Roam 50 and Rail 50 will retail for $1072, while the carbon Roam 60 will go for a whopping $2199.

Watch this video from SRAM highlighting the development and technology used in their new wheels:

Roam 50 - 25mm/21mm width, 26″ 1475g, 27.5″ 1530g, 29″ 1610g, $1072
Roam 60 - 28mm/21mm width, 26″ 1515g, 27.5″ 1570g, 29″ 1650g, $2199
Rail 50 - 28mm/23mm width, 26″ 1690g, 27.5″ 1750g, 29″ 1830g, $1072

The UST rim design uses their asymmetrical Taper Core rim profile, with a variable wall thickness for good impact resistance and low weight. They have a wider rim profile to give the tire better shape, and prevent rolling, for the ultimate in traction, comfort and cornering. The 24 spoke rim has a sandblasted black anodized finish with baked-on decals, a welded joint, and comes with tubeless tape installed. The wheels use stainless straight pull and bladed spokes, and aluminum nipples with an anti-rotation nylon lockring. Each of the wheel sizes uses one spoke length for everything (Solo spoke), making it easier on shops and the consumer when replacement is required.

The aluminum hub shell takes the straight pull spokes in a two-by-two manner (Double-Decker) for uniform tension and force distribution, and it's dished wider for lateral stiffness, responsiveness and wheel compliance. The hub uses DT Swiss 240 internals throughout with their 36 tooth star ratchet in the rear, and is compatible with XD and normal driver bodies, and has threadless side cap adapters (Side Swap) for various axle widths. All rear hubs will have compatibility for 12x142mm TA and 10x135mm QR, while the front Roam 60 and Rail 50 have 9mm QR, 15mm and 20mm TA and the Roam 50 has 9mm QR and 15mm TA.

Photo's courtesy of SRAM.