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Sram GX AXS derailleur tension Same or Better

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Curious for those who have moved over to the AXS GX derailleurs how the tension is holding up on yours?

Im getting sick and tired of mine Non-AXS losing tension every 6 months or so and getting chainslap galore

Im close to bodging a XT on my drivetrain to lose the slap, but I know Im replacing one issue with another(Clutch service)
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My GX AXS is absurdly loud... sounds like it's constantly slapping around. This is my second GX AXS derailleur and I forgot how noisy it is from new until I just threw this replacement on. Seems to break in and get better with time, or I just forget how obnoxious it is. Tons of rattling coming from the derailleur and my front end right now, driving me insane haha.
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