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Sram Eagle cassettes all the same width?

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So I bought a new bike. It has SRAM XO eagle 12 speed. 10-52. My old bike has same cassette but it's 10-50. Both rear hubs are DT swiss. When I put new cassette on old wheel the free hub won't work unless I loosen the rear axle. It's almost like the new cassette is wider but I don't see if visually. I've tried install with both free hubs and same results. Has anyone else come across this issue?

Thanks for any input.
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I believe there's a spacer inside the free hub. If it's missing when tightened it won't turn, is that your symptom?
I'll look but when I used either free hub with the old casette it works fine. I'll have to look at the new casette. It has to be wider or something.
The cassettes are the same width, there must be something else going on.
You need to torque the cassette bolt exactly to 40 N-m.
Even XD hubs have short splines at the end behind the threads.
Make sure that your cassette sites perfectly on them.
Also just like on a Shimano HG hub there is one smaller spline on the XD hub as well.
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Maybe the old hub is XD and the new one is XDR.
The XDR is a road hub specific freehub isn't it?
No, my 148 White Ind hubs are XDR. They need a spacer for the mountain cassette.
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