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SRAM Dub Spindle TAP

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Anyone tried to re-tap the spindle threads on their DUB cranksets? I had an issue with my GX Lunar where the crank bolt going into the spindle gets very tight after only about 5 turns in. Bike24 rep said its normal so I drove in with full force til the thing finally secured the arm/chainring to the spindle. I was using way too much force to get it to reach that state and when I removed it again I saw a lot of stripped threads on both the self extracting bolt and the spindle.

I reinstalled it one last time, still hulking through to get it to secure the crank and chainring to the spindle. I ordered a replacement self extracting bolt and then thought I should re-tap the spindle aswell to get a smoother action when threading the drive-side crank in. I'm wondering now, what size tap do I need to get, I know its M18 (right handed/clockwise?), but im not sure what thread pitch to get.

Thanks to anyone who would respond!
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Hey. Having the same issue. Did you ever re thread it?
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