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All, I had some trial and error in trying to get the best fit for SRAM crank arm boots on GX Eagle Carbon Cranks thought I would share.

It turns out there are (at least) two different SRAM crank arm boot sets you can buy. The packaging is identical, so I had to use the manufacturer’s product number distinguish them:

00.6118.321.000 is the product number that worked best on the SRAM GX Carbon Crankset

[The other product numer is 00.6118.444.000 — I bought that set of crank boots first, and it did not fit well at all on the SRAM GX Carbon Crankset. So I am posting this to maybe save someone the same mistake. I think this product number with the “444” in it is best for SRAM Eagle XX1/X01 cranksets]

I am using RaceFace Atlas pedals. They interface best with the SRAM crank boots by using a pedal spacer. If you do not want to use a pedal spacer, in my experience the Atlas pedals do not spin freely enough when used with the GX Carbon Crankset and the SRAM crank boots without a pedal spacer. (Maybe the pedal/crank boot interface would “break in” and eventually spin more freely over a period of use without the pedal washers, I didn’t try that). Or I think some avoid using a spacer by cutting away some of the plastic on the crank arm boots to make the circles wider on the pedal side of the boot.

Hope this helps someone searching for info on GX Eagle carbon crankset boots. I did not find it easy online to figure out that there were different crank boot sets with different product numbers that fit GX vs. XX1/X01 differently.
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