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crashes in parkinglot
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Squirrels of MTBR unite, got some old photos you buried in the ground, but have been too lazy to dig up? Got some video hiding in your winter den, waiting for the opportune moment to break out? Words, memories, or just ideas of a spring and summer come and gone. Post them up if you wish. Here are just a sampling of my stash to get the nut rolling.

not only does she steal my socks, she also steals my sock wearing style.

Yes! We get to go down that!

It hailed an rained just before we got here, some times waking up late has its bennies.

Not quite ready for fall...

If you're wondering what armor, I like these, they do a good job of protecting me from.... me

That wraps up Fooses creek shuttle in Salida / Monarch Crest. Overall impressions, I wish that was 3 times longer, though if you wanted to I imagine you could shuttle it multiple times. I didn't see a soul on the trail till the very end of the ST, when I saw a group with a mechanical. The whole ride was fun, even the fire road ride back to the highway was a blast. If you want to get in a quickie, this is a good place to look, but not the best on the Crest (IMHO). The bummer of the ride is I was thinking, "this is so f#cking sweet, but its going to end around the next bend." Its like a short but perfect song, you want the song to be longer because its perfect, but you're also afraid that by making the song longer, it would no longer be perfect. Special thanks go to my wife who shuttled me on the Crest 2 days in a row.

crashes in parkinglot
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daveM said:
The last time I was here was with you, many moons ago. So long now I don't even remeber who all was there. All I know is it was you and Jason B. but the rest of the crew escapes me.

crashes in parkinglot
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Still day one of the Salida trip:
after a nice relaxing lunch down near the river behind Absolute bikes, watching dogs and kids frolic in the relative calmness.

Time to take a spin, into more imminent doom. We were tempting fate yet again, and it paid off, yet again.

Art in one of its many flavors

Don't know much about the trees, but I digs them

where is waldo

where there is a rainbow, there is not always sun.

If you keep your speed you might just make the uphill.

Back at the camp. If a softly babbling creek in the woods after a days worth of great riding can't sooth you to sleep, I don't know you might need drugs.

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nice shots Red.

I like the way you think my friend. Here's an old shot from the 24 Hours of Moab, 2003 maybe? I'm lost in the crowd somewhere, choking on sand and dodging cactus clusters. That was the year I learned to bring a dust mask. Good fun!



holding back the darkness
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Searle Pass

Monarch Crest

Leadville 100

Dave, 10 minutes back:

Hermosa Creek

Ophir Pass

Lenawee (A-basin)

Slogging toward 2-elks

That's probably enough for now...

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Here is a trip report I never posted on MTBR

This year was a new approach to the Kokopelli adventure that turned out to be an action packed highly relaxing fully supported multiday mountain biking adventure. Those of you that are not familiar with the Kokopelli Trial it is a 150 mile routh the the desert following much of the Colorado River through dusty, twisty, rocky, ledgey exposed single track and jeep road. This route packs some of the most rugged unforgiving yet spectacular terrian I have ridden. I love spending time in this part of the country. Our crew was fourtunate to find campsites with the most amazing vistas right along the Colorado River boxed in by steep canyon walls.

We started our adventure at the Loma Trail head. This year I was much more relaxed.
Jen is on the right our support driver. Steven Mike and Myself on MTB's. Oh and of course our Kokopelli Mascot dog Roxi.

And we are off here is Mike leading the way on Marys.

Steven just getting done ripping a techy spot on Horsethief Bench.

DSC04224Wow look at the Colorado Down there!

Notice my pack is much smaller this year. They joy of having a support vehicle is you can carry much less stuff and really rip the trail.

Handcuff Loops is a fun section that included one of a billion cliffs we rode along.

You can see the Handcuff loops down there. If you ever have a chance to ride this section I would recommend it.

We stop for some traffic. You can see the riders off in the distance.

No complaints so far.

Here is that crazy hike a bike out of the canyon that Salt creek runs through.

Here we all arrive at our totally kick ass day one camp spot. I cant believe how lucky we were to get this cool location. It was in Knowles Canyon Overlook Campground and had amazing views of the canyon below and the Colorado River.

Not a bad way to wake up on day two.

And we are off for Day Two. This was one of the best sections because we were able to hit the Western Rim trail for the first time with perfect weather. Last year we missed it due to no trail markers and strong wind.


I cant begin to tell you how fun the Western Rim trail was to ride. Easily one of the best singletrack options in the region.

This trail scared the bejezeze out of me. We got off trail and it squezed us right up aginst the exposed ledge!

More of the Western Rim

Yes the trail skirts along this cliff



Wesern Rim from Jason Moyes on Vimeo.

This section of the western was highly fun. Whoop de doos everywhere and lots more small drops.

Steven, Mike, and myself stop to have lunch. It was hot and sunny this was the only patch of good shade for miles. Steven and I packed tuna sandwitches. What a bunch of dorks.

Here I am cleaning a nice tech climb section. We decided to finish off the day on the Overlook trail that turned out to be a *****. It was had to follow and had lots of soft sandy sections combined with rocky ledges and tech sections. It ended up finishing us all off for the day. Good thing camp is only a few miles away.

Day 2 camp site at West Water. Not quite a senic and remote as Knowles but still fun. There was another group of riders taking a guided tour through one of the small tour companies and they had along with them a talented singer/guitarist that played some great songs till bed time then woke us up again the next morning at 7:00am sharp. I slept about 10 yards from the shore of the colorado river.I feel like a I am starting to bond with this river a bit.

Ahh the joys of a supported trip. Fettachini Alfreado! Self Supported I would be eating a frezed drid bag of somthing. All of our meals turned out excellent and our breakfast mostly consisted of breakfast burrito stuff.

So here we are ready to tackle another section of the Kokopelli. Today we had Westwater to Cowskin Campground This was a tough day battling strong head winds and hot sun. It was a constant push for about 30+miles.

We managed to have a blast despite the windy conditions.

Here we are taking a break from the wind gusts. It was creepy down in this old cellar.

It was nice to have other people carrying the camera on this trip. I got lots of good shots with me in them.

Mike and I pressed on the complete the Yellow Jacket Canyon section. This turned out to be one of the trip highlights.

It was late in the day and I shoud have been beat from riding head on into wind all day but some how I was energized and had a great climb and amazing decent down YJC. Lots of slick rock and really cool sandy section that you can surf over.

I was getting low on water.

Here is our cool campsite for Night 3. This was by far my best nights sleep. I had the rain fly off and fell asleap to the stars. We were not at cowskin but at a campsite by the Delores River.

So we ended up skipping a day on of the luxuires of a supported trip. We were all tired after 3 days straight of riding and the day prior was full of harsh wind. Also we got bad reports that the Polar Mesa section may be closed and still coverd with snow. So we skipped a major part from basically Dewy Bridge all the way to the Beginning of UPS, LPS, Porcupine rim trail.

Rested rechared and full of excitement we got dropped off by Jen at the start of the commonly shuttled Porcupine Rim. Lying before us are some of the best sections of the Kokopelli route, the Kokopelli connector, UPS, LPS, and the classic Porcupine rim trail.

This is the only picture I got on the super fast decent on the Kokopelli Connector Trail. The Kokopelli Connector trail is the trail between Hazard County and UPS. Last year this was muddy but quite the oppisite this year, hard packed, smooth, and scary fast!

Oh lookie here the UPS is official it has its own sign. This section of singletrack is to die for. Whom ever laid out this trail did an amazing job of utilizing the terrain for maximum fun.

Time to reflect.......

Steven skirting along the Procupine Rim.

And its time to wrap up the Kokopelli. When we got to the bottom we met Jen and got a ride back into town.

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Here's an old one.

Found an old photo album from TCS in the mid 90's while cleaning out my garage. Lots of cool pictures that I had forgotten I had.

TCS/VOC Crew leader training from 1997. Some of you might even be able to ID some of these guys.



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Here is one from long ago, with the OP showing off his skills. ETR you still have this bike? Need to do some more urban shooting with you guys, that was a fun day.

Edit: Pic was showing up for me, but uploaded it to emptybeer server anyway.


crashes in parkinglot
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Jdub said:
Here is one from long ago, with the OP showing off his skills. ETR you still have this bike? Need to do some more urban shooting with you guys, that was a fun day.
I don't, the trials bike didn't see enough use. Nice and crisp picture, makes it look like I might know what I'm doing.

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I'll play

It started out with this:

We did a lot of this:

And lots of this:

There were good times where we kicked up our heels:

Most of the time we were very lucky...:

...and there were bad times where the trail truly sucked azz:

Only to be made up for by great views:

Nights could be cold, but we always stayed warm:

Happiness is a cup of hot miso:

And the golden rule I learned in the Army:

Never stand when you can sit,
Never sit when you can lay down,
And if you can lay down, sleep.

Remember Rage & take the power back!

Oh look, cow shite!

Guess what cow shite is full of? That's right, giardia and this is what giardia looks like (aka, the end of Josh's trip):

When we rolled into town, we were met by a brass band:

We made friends everywhere we went:

And then it was over:

And time to go home:

crashes in parkinglot
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Day two of Salida and wrap-up
Starvation Creek shuttle

Greens Creek descent, as a reminder of what I need to ride.

I fast talked some unsuspecting innocents to find Starvation Creek, as the local shop implied it could be hard to find. But it wasn't hard to find, the hard part was:

Starvation Creek from sign to sin (warning, math humor)

Starvation Creek summary:
Great ride, better than Rainbow trail, better than Fooses. This trail is mostly very narrow, and bench cut in to the side of what can sometimes be a steep hill, at times it was a little concerning. The top section from the sign to the next meadow is a screaming fast descent (watch out for the filter feature near the top though, there is no transition for the jump), there is some technical riding especially in the scree fields. Great aspen and a few stream crossings, overall a must ride.

Last day in Salida, just a short run to an old nemesis then a car ride home with all the other 3 day vacationers.
Over to the S Mountain side of Salida, this fire road, is kinda steep in places. I'm not too proud to walk.

I need to ride this again, this is Unkle Nazty, a wonderfully technical downhill. The last time I was hear I had the pleasure of dislocating a thumb, and then riding down the remainder barely holding on to the bars, always exciting. This time life was not so painfull, but exciting in other ways, and since I was on a time constraint those are the only pics. Cleaned some lines i didn't make the first time, and figured out how to make the lines I didn't make this time.
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