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Getting frustrated to some extent with a squeaking noise emanating from my 2003 Hardrock Pro. It is not a regular occurrence/noise when I am pedaling around and not placing the cranks under extreme load. BUT as soon as I place a lot of load on the cranks (e.g. hard starts, climbing, etc.) I will hear a consistent click at each rotation of the crank arm. It seems like the BB has worn out.....these are the stock cranks and BB that Specialized built the bike with (another question...any idea of the BB size for this bike in case I need to replace the BB).

I am a heavy rider (est. 250+lbs) and tall 6'5" and typically use the bike for mild XC and road riding (here in Spain). Would like any recommendations regarding whether or not squeak is coming from the BB or not. I have checked the seatpost, seat, petals, chain, etc. and the sound doesn't seem to come from any of those locations.

If I was to upgrade the BB or Crankset, etc....what recommendations would you all have? I want to maintain the 3-9 speed set up I recently upgraded to (SRAM x.9). I would like to keep the cost within a reasonable range.

Thanks in advance.
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