"If only they made BLANK here in America, I'd be willing to throw down a couple extra bucks for it," said me, often.

You probably said it too. We want to do the right thing, you and I. For his Fourth of July piece, Mtbr's iconoclastic columnist the Angry Singlespeeder implored us to Buy American. Tech companies like Apple are tripping over themselves to make at least something here, and-bankruptcy aside-the heart-and-soul of our once-vaunted industrial might-Detroit-is on the comeback. And it's not just about cool car commercials with Iggy Pop and Eminem, upstart bike/watch/bag company Shinola imports cool stuff from Detroit too.

It's kind of exciting, right? You want to be part of it, I can tell. You're almost willing to whip out that Bank of Americard and plunk down $35 for Spurcycle's new Ringer bike bell, yeah?

"How much?" you say. "For what?!"

Ahh, sorry. I got so carried away with the Dream of America, I neglected the details, so here goes...

San Francisco-based Spurcycle has taken to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to raise money to produce the Ringer-an entirely US-made minimalist bike bell for the serious cyclist. Whether announcing your presence on the bike path with a gentle, plucky ding, a happy "I'm-coming-around-the-corner-on-my-mountain-bike" ding, ding, or a more urgent and loud "don't you dare" urban jungle DING, DING, DING, the Ringer accommodates thanks to its precision-wire lever which makes it easy to regulate.

A smartly-designed mounting system snugly and cleanly grabs any handlebar from 22-32 mm in diameter, in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Available in either a raw, or matte black finish, the bell virtually disappears on the bar-it, in fact, took us a few seconds to find the mounted Ringer in press photos Spurcycle sent us.

Still not convinced? Well, OK, you could buy the perfectly functional, made-in-China Mirrycle Incredibell for about $12 instead. I probably have a couple in my garage. But take a look at Spurcycle's video starting at about 30-seconds in and tell me you don't want to buy the folks you see a Budweiser when their shift is over. Though they've offered to send me a free media sample, I'm gonna respectfully decline then go to their site and order one at full pop. Because I don't just need a bell, I need my country.


Spurcycle Ringer
  • Weight: 42g
  • Size: 30mm x 20.5mm
  • Colors: Raw, Matte Black
  • Materials: All-metal-brass, aluminum, steel
  • Available: Order now, delivery in November 2013
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Price $35