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Spur of the moment FIFO

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Decided at the last minute this morning to get a FIFO ride in. Saw the forecast last night for the colder temps coming, so game on. Sorry I didn't let you other knuckleheads know that were wanting to ride at this ungodly hour of the morning. I went ahead and texted Dan as his wife already dislikes me for dragging him out with me in the mornings.

South Table Mountain - Had to start from the parking lot at the Marriott. The visitor/RTD parking lot at NREL was signed that it was closed to Open Space users parking? Mmmmm, 24 degrees

On the top of Castle Rock with Lookout Mtn in the backround. The have converted the "M" on Lookout to LED here recently. Was red, white, and blue during the elections. Was a "S" on Monday morning and an "I" today?

Used to be a beer garden up there with a train ride to get there

Full Moon over Golden

Finishing up with the sunrise

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Love the pix - especially the 2nd one!
I think the School of mines was a countdown to their break - a "5" and a "1".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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