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I am thinking of going to Spruce Knob to ride tomorrow. I've only ridden there once years ago but for some reason I really want to hit it this year. Not familiar with the area I plan on plotting out a route with the GPS and hope I don't get lost.
Anyway the reason for this post is to ask what you all think. I'm not a hunter and don't know how much that area is hunted. I really don't want to interfere with the hunters and risk getting shot at. I believe this weekend all you can do is deer hunt with a bow. So therefore I would think I should be ok. What do you all think? And is anyone else interested in meeting up for the ride?
I'm thinking of parking at the lake and riding up to the top of the mountain and catching Huckleberry Trail ride it to Seneca Creek or Alleghenny Mtn Trail and ride them back to the lake. 20+- mile ride.
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