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Springwater area

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Looking for some good singletrack in the Springwater area in WNY. Going to be ther over the 4th and looking for some good rides. Thanks.
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There's plenty in the area. The closest place is Harriet Hollister Spencer Park, I think. Check the for more info on that trail. Letchworth is not too far, as are trails in the Bristol / Naples area. See some posts on Letchworth at and As for Bristol - search for the highlander cycling tour. They have a 25 mile route (mountaineer) that covers 4 great riding areas. One of them - Camp Cutler, was just used for the Hardcore 24 MTB race. It would be tough to follow the Mountaineer route without prior knowledge as parts get overgrown sometimes, but the Ontario County Park to Camp Cutler section is a lot of fun.
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