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It is springtime in Georgia! So Cyclesmith, AlloyNipples and I went for a ride. Look! Green leaves, blue sky, 65-70 degrees, you could not ask for a better day. The trail is Dauset, which is about an hour south of Atlanta. It's a great place to ride with 20 or so miles of singletrack, I guess.

For FrozenSpokes:

my riding buddies for the day:

who took this picture?

following cyclesmith:

my favorite shot of the day:

alloynipples cruising down bootlegger:


Just another good day on a bike.

I love Pisgah
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Sweet. Wish I coulda joined you guys. I had that 12hour race yesterday tho. The humanity... Same weather tho.. hahahaha!

Say, whats that cyclesmith is wearing? Could that
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