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I couldn't have asked for a better day to start-off this spring biking season. Bluebird skies... light breeze, temps hovering around 80 (F) but no humidity to speak of. Bugs weren't a nuisance yet... everything is flourishing in this splendid weather.

The first spring ride started-off with some cardio:

After running the ridges for quite some time and taking in all this April day had to offer I needed a single track break.


The trail was a narrow twsty, but tame beast. Sections were muddy and washed-out from recent storms, but overall the ride was great. Cleaned everything including a northshore obstacle over a large log. :)

At the trai's end I looked back up upon one of the best first rides ever:

While the bike rested in the grass:

And took-in the surroundings:

If you can't see the pictures, just give this thread some non-visited time and come back a little later... as my bandwidth will probably plummet.

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Is that an '02 Manomano?

I just bot that bike for the wife. too small for me but I took it out for a mild thrashing anyway. Nice. same components. I wasn't too sure about the RS judy tt fork but it performed well in XC conditions.
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