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I'm getting conflicting info. Would a 400 or a 450lb coil be better for my setup?

- Nomad (2011)
- rider weight - 200lbs
- shock Van-R (2009)
- AM riding w/ some XC

Also, can anyone recommend a Ti spring for the Van-R?

Would a more expensive shock w/ compression and rebound adjustability help w/ pedal efficiency? Like on long XC rides.


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The 400lb/in. spring would probably be the best for am/xc riding. The Nomad 2 is lower inital leverage than the Nomad 1. The stock Van-R has a preloaded shim stack providing low speed compression, albeit exteranlly non-adjustable.

If you are looking to save weight(ti spring) and retain coil like performance you may want to look at the Monarch Plus. They ride more like a coil shock than other air shocks and along with rebound and air spring adjustment, provide external compression adjustment.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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