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Want to scratch the damn itch that started sometime around November of last year.

Anybody know if Trashmore in Kitchener is rideable?

Thinking Sunday if the hill is clear and the weather holds


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Have not been to Trashmore but went for a walk at Puslinch today and it's muddy (duh) with some spots of snow/ice still lingering... no definitive news from the kids on PB yet Kitchener-Waterloo - Page 134 - Pinkbike Forum

Would be handy if every spring there was a Trails Conditions Report thread to help scratch the early-season itch! How long until Turkey Point thaws out?

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I'm sure everyone is getting the itch. Was wondering if there are "trails", not necessarily your traditional single track, that are rideable. In order of boredom on a mountain bike:

Paved roads - 100% rideable
Gravel roads - 90% rideable. If heavily shaded or by a lake/pond you may have a bit of water/ice. Navigated fine on my cross bike recently.
Multi-use gravel (dirt) trails - if they're not too shaded, and at the right elevation, I would think they're fine. I would love to hear of some challenging trails like these that are mostly in decent shape. I think these would be great the next few weeks until single track is ready.
Single track - generally muddy, icy...not really rideable
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