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Spring Fling tentative dates

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Looking at March 15-19 '06 for the Spring Fling. Does that conflict with any known events?

Local volunteers: Please PM or email me if you are interested in leading a ride. Need leaders/sweepers for A, B, and C-level rides all over the state.

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Hey peeps... I am from Maine and will be visiting a buddy of mine that week in the Tempe area. Something like this sounds ideal... can you give me more info on this spring fling thing or redirect me to other resources on this... I would really like to Ride some DH out there or some of the most technical trails that I can get my knobbies on.. What do you all reccommend?

Tried this, could narrow it down with the posts I could find.

" It would be nice to see a post that indicated that even a tiny bit of research had been done. You know, something like "I've been reading posts about XYZ trial, and plan to ride it when I'm in town next month. Any other rides similar to this one that I should know about? Anybody feel like showing us around? We'll buy a post ride beer."

I'd certainly be up for post beers !
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