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I blame Anthony. Most of us were quietly enjoying Colorado's warm, dry, late winter. Wearing sandals when we could...hanging on to ski season...sneaking off for bike rides...trying not to alert mother nature to the fact that winter had wandered off a bit early. Not Anthony. No, he had to crow about it :rolleyes:. Well, guess what? Right around spring break time, mother nature woke up, grabbed that winter by the scruff of the neck, and threw him right back into the intermountain west. Just in time for me to drive from Boulder to Las Vegas and back.

It started with a monster headwind heading west from Fruita.

Into the San Rafael Swell, it was evident that the afternoon was going to bring more than a bit of wind (and dust, and tumbleweeds).

Nature Atmosphere Landscape Photograph Plant community

Luckily, it never got cold enough for the snow to stick, but what started as flurries coming into Richfield intensified into a real-live snowstorm between Beaver and Cedar City.

I was pretty happy to be driving out of this.

Nature Vegetation Branch Sky Natural landscape

And into this.

Nature Sky Daytime Natural environment Cloud

I was lucky enough to be in St. George and Las Vegas for several days, which was just south of the next round of festivities. On the way back towards Colo, it was evident that I had missed a good time the day before. This is heading into the Fishlake National Forest.

Nature Mountainous landforms Photograph Highland Winter

Sevier, UT

Nature Mountainous landforms Sky Mountain range Winter

I had one cool, but extremely pleasant day in the San Rafael Swell (as evidenced by my previous post). I would have ridden again the next day, but it was getting a bit breezy, so I hid out in Little Wildhorse Canyon instead. I was very excited to also check out Goblin Valley State Park. En route, I started to realize that it might be a quick visit.

Nature Natural landscape Landscape Photograph Rock

Like some friends exactly a week previous, I got blown out of Goblin Valley State Park. Any attempt to exit the car resulted in a face full of sand. It's a fascinating area worthy of a return visit or several. At least I had a tailwind on I-70 back to Grand Junction.

Um, then it snowed in Junction. No bike riding this am. Well, probably time to head home, anyhow. I had a look at the forecast and if I wanted to wait out the storm(s), I would be getting back a week late. So I went for it.

Nature Blue Daytime Natural environment Atmosphere

That would mean diving right back into the storm.

Mountainous landforms Mountain range Atmosphere Landscape Slope

Vail Pass was just as much fun as it always is in a snowstorm. At least it was a weekday and I didn't have to contend with ski traffic.

I have to admit, this is totally cool.

Metal Circle Silver Steel

But this? Blech!

Carmine Natural material

In all honesty, I know full well that March and April are stormy, stormy, stormy here. It was a great trip and I will get my warm, dry, desert fix in May :D (though I will undoubtedly drive through yet another snowstorm either going to or fro).

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icegeek said:
> particularly cool

Gotta admit, that ice stuff can do some cool stuff sometimes.

(great pics.)

Yes, water (both liquid and vapor)+motion+subfreezing surface usually results in something interesting :D.

The road crud makes the ice on the wheel look more like a fudgesicle.

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Pretty good series of passion hits EJP. Sometimes a thread doesnt get the play that it deserves but when you come back to a thread multiple times I can think of no better compliment.
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