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I want to get some feedback from folks who are using SPOT devices on their endurance rides (or any ride worth using a SPOT on).

I'm wondering what you've found to be a good mount option. It seems I could rig up something for the handlebars so that the antenna is always facing the sky, but I've also been trying it out on my camelback. What I'm running into is spotty (pun intended) tracking with the unit because the antenna is not pointed in the optimum up....sometimes this is ok, sometimes I realize that this is not optimum from the directions and experience. I have had limited success with the unit on it's side, inside a mesh pocket on the back of my camelback and sometimes I am ok with this.

For those folks who have had regular success with the SPOT....are you using a handlebar mount, a rigged up mount to keep it upright on your pack/shoulder strap, or other method....please elaborate.

BTW....I am not griping about the performance of the unit....the limitations are user caused (me), not unit caused....just throwing that out before folks start in on me for using the unit the wrong way.
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