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Spot 29er

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Performance has a Spot True Temper steel SS 29er bike for $1799, less 20%, then their customary 10% "rebate". Normally Spot frames are manufactured in Golden, CO, but I can't imagine that this is a domestic frame; anybody know for sure?
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I have a Spot Longboard 9 and was very happy with the ride. My only complants is the none replaceable drop out. I bent mine good & it's been sitting in the garage since. I plan on making it a SS now. And the paint chips VERY easy. I only had 320 miles on mine before the "big crash" and it has a lot of chips everywhere.
I saw that frame too - does that have the ability to make it a belt drive?
all i know is this:

probably old stock from the old company before the move to CO.
I dont see the crazy split in the seat stay that would make it belt compatibel
the longboards are all taiwan frames. ~not that there's anything wrong with that~
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