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SportRack EZ2 any users with feedback?

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Ive been looking for an affordable hitch rack that has all the locks so I wont have to spend more money. Has anyone used this, Im looking for pros and cons of it. Heres a link for reference. It comes with locks for the bikes and hitch. The only downside I think are that the wheels trays arent adjustable.
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No one? well if no one has it can someone see why this might not be the hitch rack to get?
id look online at used ones man, you can find a good deal if you spend a little time checking... people are selling thules in my area for about that price, and they are pretty solid..
That perticular one is brand new and probably no one has it yet. Their older model, which I own, is fantastic.
There is a pretty detailed review on
Basically, the wheel trays are not adjustable both lengthwise and width wise. So if you have a bike with really wide tires, the tires might not fit inside the tray.
Also, since length is not adjustable either, if you have a bike with a really long wheelbase, the bike might not fit.....I was all set to order this rack until I saw the video on youtube and decided against it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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