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Need some help on selecting a spoke protector.

My ride 's did not have a rear wheel spoke protector. On recent ride the chain jumped off the largest gear and into the spokes. Damage was done to the spokes and the chain.

Was able to find a good used 26 inch rear with a Shimano M475 hub but no spoke protector. Pulled the skewers and the casssette and took the wheel to the local LBS. They had two spoke protectors in stock. The first ( a Dimension product) had a small center whole (which fit snugly over the hub axle) and was held in place by the cassette. However, the depth of the proctector was enough to not allow the ninth gear to fit down into the splines and the cassette lock ring would not catch the threads in the cassette. Tried to compress the assembly but to no avail.

The second proector had about a 3 inch enter hole and was held in place by four clips which clipped onto four spokes. This set-up allows the protector to shift in place by one-half an inch and with this movement comes an annoying sound.

I'm sure there must be a protector that works well with this hub but its not in stock with my LBS. Anyone have recommendatons on brands/models. Because of the expense, riding without a protector will not be a future option.

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