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Last night I decided that I need new spokes. I have been riding the bike much more because I have been using the single speed. For hike-a-bike situations, I was never happy with my 14g DT silver spokes. I like the more traditional XC type riding, but have realized that they suck for cycling. But, I don't want a set of the full on butted "super light" spokes I have seen out there.

Can someone suggest a good "trail rider" spoke good for riding somewhere left of XC racing spokes and right of hooligan spokes, and compatable with Yeti bikes? Thanks.

PS: Must try spokes before purchase, thus I am really looking for spoke recs. that can be tried and purchased locally (Phoenix).

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You may want to look at these under MTBR Guidelines:
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yetisurly said:
ooooooohh. Your absolutely right. They better lock this thread too. Humor has no place here.
humor sure, and if Dirdir had asked something silly then your mockery would be hilarious, but I don't think Dirdir's question was dumb. In fact next time I'm shopping for shoes that are neither slippery nor moto-x boots, I'll probably refer to the thread.
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