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JimZinVT said:
Calculating the weight of a new wheel build, how much weight should be a added for the spokes and nipples? (DT Swiss Comp. 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes, not sure on Al or brass nips.)
Depends on the spokes and nipples used, number of spokes, and lengths. The DT Swiss spoke calculator will figure it out for you.

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Thanks Shiggy. Yeah, I tried the DT calculator. It doesn't have any of the hubs I'm thinking about in it's database (DMR 6-pawl, Halo 6-pawl, Woodman LTI). If I have the flange spacing, spoke hole circle diameter, and spoke hole diameter, I can enter the data and get an answer, but that's all hard to come by. I'll hunt some more tonight after work and riding.

A rough number seems to be ~375g for 2 wheels worth of DT Comp. spokes....sound about right? Any estimate on brass nipples?

By the way, can anyone confirm whether the Woodman LTI hub has 40 point engagement? No specifics in their site, and no luck contacting them.

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