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Spokane area rides and camping

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Planning a trip up to the Spokane area to meet a friend from BC, ride and camp for a weekend. I live in Hood River, but have not done any riding up there. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? I like all types of riding, but some challenging stuff would be cool. As far as camping it would be nice to be near the riding, but a nice spot to hang out and chill is high priority also.

Would be more than happy to share local knowledge about here around Hood River, North central OR. I’ve only been around here for 38yrs :)

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Camping close in, not a lot of options. Riverside State park has some nice sites along the river; the main loop is not that great. Mt. Spokane, should be open now for camping at Bald Knob. Or, KOA.

Riverside - relatively non-technical fast singletrack/ fire roads that you can combine into nice long fast loops. There is a map ( made by Backcountry Horsemen) that you can pick up at REI or Northwest Map for about $6.

Beacon Hill. "Family Man" was the inspiration for our new skills park at Camp Sekani. Technical singletrack with lots of climbing all over Beacon Hill, or DH/FR trails out of Camp Sekani. You can get a map at Mountain Gear, Bike Hub, North Division Bikes, and the various Wheelsports. Call first, I am not sure who is stocked right now. What you'll find at Camp Sekani is dirt jumps, brand new pump track, skills park, big rock features and some pretty darn cool DH/FR style trails, You'll have to push your bike up, there are several DH race course and other trails up there, features with names like Rushmore and Girthmore...

Mt. Spokane. You can either ride up or shuttle. I forget all the trail numbers but the ride from Cooks Cabin down is really fun. From what I have heard the summit down to Cooks Cabin is pretty much destroyed.

yahoo for the spokane scene

also, FTTRC has a facebook page,

Check with Bike Hub for some rides if you want to do the shop ride hookup thing.

keep us posted.

Also Kettle Crest Fest is next weekend. If you are in the region there is some fabulous alpine riding there.

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Thanks formica!

Is there any camping not close in but within a reasonable distance that you think would be worth a little drive?

Just watched some Beacon Hill stuff on youtube and it looks fun.

no, sorry.

I am assuming you mean a little stealth camping on public land? You'd have to go way past Coeur d'alene to get that. If you can get a river side spot at Riverside that should be pretty nice, they re did that section.
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