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Anyone ridden both and have an opinion? I ride 50% Bike Park (Mt. Bachelor), 25% shuttled rocky enduro style trails, and 25% self powered laps. Like jumping and playfulness and would be replacing a Evil Insurgent OG which I love.

Seems like Evil's are having an issue with the v3's cracking but hopefully they get that ironed out.


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I've owned the Sentinel v1 (with cascade link and extra travel) and the Wreckoning v2

The Wreckoning has a better magic-like rear suspension, it can smash and plow but still feels poppy and jumps quite well. I found the build quality to be lacking, and the customer service was pretty slow in my experience.

The Sentinel rear end took more time to setup but I found it more adjustable, the customer service is loads better, and I found the build quality and ease of maintenance (bearings) much easier. I found the Transition to be more stable at speed, not as supple rear suspension, and not quite as quick in the turns. but it felt quicker on the downhill and I found it climbed a little better.

Both are great bikes, I think you'll be pretty happy with either one based on how your planning to ride em. I think the evil is the more playful pick, but the transition is great in rough stuff and I loved it in the Whistler bike park.

bikes I've owned
Transition Granmal
Ironhorse Yakuza Kumicho
Transition Patrol
Santa Cruz Nomad
Transition Sentinel
Evil Wreckoning
Ibis Ripmo v2
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