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spinner 300-29er test?

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i wanna to know about this fork and some opinions of users..

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Wow, brake studs. Now that is something that you do not find on many 2010 forks.
must be brand new, doubt anyone has ridden it

At least it has a alloy steer tube, the last 29er fork Spinner made had a steel steerer.

1480g = 3.2lbs...really??? Then say hello to the lightest 29er squishy fork out there, although I seriously doubt that's true.
1480 WITHOUT steerer.. some more grams at weight.. but stachions is in 30mm... how flex is it?

Rebadged Spinner 2Nine, most likely. I have one. It has the RLC damper, aluminum steer tube, etcetera. 1850 grams with steer tube real weight. (Just checked on my scale, and that's with a star nut installed)

All info given on the fork linked here matches up with what I have. The fork is "okay" in that it is mildly flexy and works decent enough. My biggest nit was with the rebound damping which was waaaay too fast. I had to set it on the slowest setting to get any kind of an acceptable ride quality.

You can get an original version of a Reba for about the same price and that is twice the fork this one is in my opinion.
Guitar Ted.. i read your review in ...

muy complette.. thanks.. only the pics do not open..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts