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Spin Bike Recommendations

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Ok guys.

I live in Australia and I am after a quality Spin bike.

I have shortlisted my choice to these 4 commerical units for SPIN Bikes that are available in Australia......


(2) Vortec AV900 ... ctid=16397

(3) Maxx Pro Spin Bike ... ogueID=609

(4) Lemond Revmaster Pro

ATM, I am leaning towards Option 4 - Lemond Revmaster pro.

I weigh 102kg atm and I am 6'2".

I aim to weigh 85kg and build muscle around my knees.

Key criteria - quietness, ergonomic, heavy duty flywheel, 17.5" crank, freewheeling hub and quality bearings.

It would be fantastic if you could provide your thoughts and recommendations please.

Ago Velox.
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squat and deadlift if you want to strengthen the knee
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