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ok how many and how big of spike you got on your flats. im runing like 12 at like 1/8in i think

one of my friends took all of his out and put 4 1/2 spikes on gonna feel sorry for him when they meet his shin.
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1/2 spikes??? only the top 1/8 max 1/4 inch will even touch his shoe. Take a picture of his pedals so we can see what he did. And take a pic of his shin when he slips off :D
yeah ill get a pic as soon as i see him again.

what they are basically is some tiny allen wrench head screws that he stuck in there. they ar not sharp at all. totaly blunt so they dont grip the best. but way better than i thought. i was thinking of puting 2 of those on each side of my peddles. cept i wanna sharpen them up. just in the middle and have the rest of them stay same size. i dunno how that gona work but its shouldnt hurt anything(cept my legs proly)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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