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Spider riders with RP3, which RP3 setting do you like?

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I have owned my Spider since early this year and think it's an awesome XC bike. I started racing with it and the performance blows away my Haro single pivot (now my second string ride). It came with the RP3 which is great for tweaking the suspension to fit the conditions. However, I'm wondering if there's a majority of Spider riders who prefer one setting vs the others. I've been riding it in the #2 setting virtually 100% of the time as it's a good compromise that covers most conditions. Considering that the RP3 comes valved with a "medium" firmness, the #2 setting feels almost too firm at times.

Of course I will begin to try the other settings more (after my broken wrist heals :cryin: ), but I'd like to get feedback on what other people have tried. I am most interested in trying the #1 (lightest) setting more, but with a bit more air pressure to adjust the sag. I noticed that the sag changes between the #1, 2, & 3 settings even with the same air pressure. I keep reading that with the VPP you don't need a heavily platformed shock for it to perform well... especially climbing and maybe even hammering.

I know that suspension settings can be heavily influenced by personal preference, but that doesn't matter, I'd like to hear your opinions anyway.

Enjoy the ride!
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I've ridden my Spider since 2003 with a non pro pedal Fox AVA, then a 5th element, and finally an RP3 which never leaves the lowest firmness position. By far the 5th was the worse. Its the worse shock for that specific bike. Simply too harsh even on the lowest setting (same goes for the swinger). The best performance by far has come from the non or lightly platformed shocks.
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