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Already own an Intense Tracer 2001 well decked out at 26 lbs. LOVE the bike!!! It is my everything bike: I use it to train, do trail rides and race. Also own a beautiful steel Tommasini Prestige road bike with low end parts whose frame is a little too big for me (found the frame in the trash in a rich neighborhood).

My wife has "allowed" me some cash!!!!:eek: :) :p :D

I am a decent rider, racing our local race circuit in the northeast (top 5 sports class with the goal to break into the expert class by next year!:rolleyes: ), with decent training schedule, which includes long weekend road rides with the local bike shops. My technical skills are good and don't mind riding off of steep stuff and do minor drops if they come up (2 to 3 feet). Weight is 150 dressed.

My thoughts are:

1- try to trade in the tracer for a new SPIDER FRO (my least favorite option at this time as it would mean giving up the tracer), which would then become my "everything" bike.

2- buy a used SCOTT SCALE 30 and exhange most parts of the bikes to make the scale my dedicated race bike and the tracer my heavier trail bike.

3- buy a new road frame (Intense has a special intro price on their new Fenix road frame).

Can't decide... any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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