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I saw pics in another thread of one guy running 2.1 UST Spiders on the rear of his Scalpel. The pics I saw showed the tire clearing the stays but without a lot of room for error. Is anyone else using this tire in the back? I have one on the front and would like to run them on both ends but I'm worried about clearance. I've run 2.1 Panaracers in back before but the Spiders run larger than the Panaracers and most others in that size.

I know that the Spiders come in a 2.0 clincher version but I want to stay with UST specific tires right now and don't want to mess with Stan's system. Also, I'm not sure if the newer composite seatstays are any different in width than the older style seatstays I have on my 2002 Scalpel. If so, that would obviously make a difference.

If push comes to shove, I could always pull my current Spider from the front and do a test fit but I'd really prefer not to unmount and remount front and rear tires if I have a choice. Besides, sometimes it takes some actual time in the saddle to decide whether the tire will work in the real world even if it looks OK in the stand.
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