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So my short life i tried two hardrocks. A 2011 Sport Disc model, red rims, red frame, red beauty. And a 2013 V-Brake, green model. Both felt ridiculously light.
Hence why i'm trying to know how much it weights.
Please don't ask me what i ride, lol. But as you can imagine its so heavy that a 2011-2013 hardrock can feel like feather.

Both felt just as light so i think even a 2012 would feel the same.

Soo...anyone got the models and knows its weight? All i know is that most Hardrock weight 30-32 lb so that's what i know for now.
Just wanted to confirm. Doesn't matter if its not accurate.

Thanks in advance :)

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Yeah, a little over 30 sounds right.

Mine's a bit lighter, but it's an '07 model, with 26" wheels and mostly aftermarket parts.

I had reliability and durability problems with mine, which is what led me to replacing so many things. But it has pretty reasonable geometry and doesn't really overreach - it's content to be a hardtail. I went to dozens of races on it before getting my new bike.

Given what you're riding now and what your budget's like, if the price is right and the bike fits you, go for it.
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