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Looking for a FS 29er frame for around $1000. Of these 2 I do have some concerns. Not a big fan of the colors offered but no biggie. No bike is forever.

With the Superlight I have no dealers in my area so I can't test ride to see if the flex would piss me off. I do like to hammer, not that I'm that fast but sometimes I love to sprint favorite sections of trail and rail turns. I did have a Heckler and loved it. Some have compared this bike to the Heckler.

With the Spearfish I am not sure if I can tune the shock to keep the herniated discs in my back happy.Also wondering if the rear can take kicks from small log crossings without bucking, considering it's not a fully active design. I like to do small drops on my xc trails to maintain momentum and most 29er's I have ridden tend to drop the front end a bit. Looking to just do mild wheelie drops not hucks. I know that neither of these bikes are built for that.

I have done a bit of research on fit. I am 5"11 32 inseam and ride a large Big Mama comfortably right now. I know the Spearfish medium has a 23.6 top tube and the Superlight large is 24 inches. This is the range I am looking at. Not sure if the Suplight rear is stiffer in the medium with the shorter shock and triangle but at 23 inches the top tube is a bit short for me. Pardon the duplicate posts but I need to get a frame soon and could use some input.
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