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I have 4 different Speedhubs , they all have their own «*personalities*» even though they are on different platforms.
I have one on my main MTB , on my commuter , on my winter city bike and on my Fat bike.

The one on my winter city bike is my oldest ,I call it #1 , I have it for 15/16 years , has around 100k on it.
It has been on my MTB and on a touring bike before that bike.
It is by very far , the best shifting unit of the quartet , it is also the noisiest.
Shifting is Butter like , I can apply more pressure in shifting than the others.
That unit has been noisy as new and it is still the noisiest of all my units.

#2 is on my MTB , I got it when I built my «*MidLife Crisis*» dream bike.
A custom Kocmo Ti , Lefty , 26er bike.
As new , the hub was quieter than #1 but it was difficult to confirm that it was the hub because the frame isn’t the same materiel (Alu vs Ti) and that bike had Gates belt.

#3 was bought when I built my FatBike , A Ventana ElGordo
It’s an XL hub , shifting was noticeably better as new than my two other hubs.
Quieter too , don’t know if it’s because the mechanism is in a larger casing ….. ???

#4 was bought last August for my commuter , very similar shifting than #2 and #1 when new , but a bit noisier than #2.

As far as noise goes , I could switch wheel from different platform (except the XL) and the only thing that change the sound is the Belt vs Chain.
Spokes , Rims , frame materiel doesn’t change the volume of the noise , it changes the tone though.
They all do sound different from one unit to another even brand new.

As far as shifting goes , it is very true that the older they get , the better they are.
The more KM they have , the better they get.

I only have one derailleur bike , and each time I’m using it , I’m hoping for a lighter version wich would go on my road bike.
How about a lighter 10 or 12 speed hub ?


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You are absolutely right and I was just thinking the same thing myself a few days ago after riding mine back to back.
I have 2, a 19 year old and an 18 year old, close in age but so different in behaviour. The bikes are very different, one an aluminium frame, rigid fork, 26" hardtail and the other a titanium frame, 150mm fork, 29er hardtail. The hubs definitely have their own personality though. One is quieter, they sound very different, one will shift from 7 to 8 with moderate pedal pressure whilst I imagine the other thinking "how dare you try to make this shift while even turning a crank!". I love them equally, of course.
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