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speed dream on the postal scale

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King ISO disc hubs, Stan's 32 spoke rims, dunno the spoke type/size

front 26.5 oz (751 g)
rear 31.5 oz (896 g)
total 1647 including rim tape.
Almost as expensive as the bike!
Mt Tam, Avid mech disc, KM fork (waiting on a BW 0.8- almost as expensive as the bike!)

I hope to log some miles this weekend and offer a comparison to the OEM Bontrager race set.
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Cool Wheels

i have been thinking of getting a set of King SS hubs built up with Stans rims. Would like to hear your ride impressions. I also have bont race wheels now and they are not bad, I have only had to true them once. I am running them with stans without much problems but I like the wider rim and more air volume with the new stan rims.
The ride

I only had time for about 4 miles- fire road and single track. The wheels feel plenty stiff, I felt like I was tracking better and the slightly wider width made the ride feel a little softer. I seemed to pick up speed a little faster downhill. The zing of the King (hub) is kinda cool and also a reminder to keep peddling. Definitely a keeper wheelset!
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