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For year I read the comment on MTBR, Pinkbike and other sites:

"Someone should make a dropper that angles the saddle back when dropped."

Then finally, Specialized made it happen and everyone realized that we've all gotten used to flat saddles when dropped, and more drop is more valuable than an angled saddle.

I'll admit, I too have declined to pursue the product I had long asked for - a modern coil sprung dropper - the E13 TRS dropper (Ritchey as well). Once they hit the market the cost was either too high or well.. I just didn't need a new dropper! When I do need one, I want it to be offset, which the industry seems to be getting away from (I love my Command Post.)

So, did anyone else demand a product for year that when it finally launched you were like "eh, whatever?"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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