Specialized will begin "Rider Direct" sales of bicycles starting February 1.

As first reported by Bicycle Retailer, starting next week, consumers can purchase a Specialized bike through an authorized retailer, purchase a bike through Specialized's website and have the bike shipped to a Specialized retailer for assembly, or choose to have the bike shipped directly to their doorstep.

"Ship to home and Specialized Delivery are two new ways for riders to receive product, how, when and where they want. Our retailer partners and network will always be a cornerstone of our business," Kelly Henningsen, Specialized's performance PR manager, said.

"This is a step we’re taking, hand in hand with our aligned retail partners. We’re excited to roll out more options to better serve riders!" Henningsen added.

Specialized provided the following information in a document detailing the multiple delivery options that will be available to consumers starting next week.

Ship to Home
With our Ship to Home option, we’ll help you choose the right bike and ship it right where you want it—pre-built and professionally test ridden. With just a few parts removed for shipping, your new Specialized will be ready to roll in a matter of minutes. No heart wrenching wrench work necessary. Need help? A Rider Care Specialist is a phone call away. We can also connect you to a local retailer who knows, like, a lot about bikes.

Specialized Delivery
Specialized Delivery specializes in you. Sure, it’s catchy. But mostly, it’s just true. We’ll bring your new bike directly to your home. There, a professional technician will ensure it fits so well you can’t even tell where you end and the bike begins. Then, we’ll get your bike registered, go over basic maintenance, and have you take it for a spin. When that happens, you might feel something a little funny. A rush of endorphins. A feeling of rhapsody. Something worth writing home about. But you won’t have to. Because you’re already there. Welcome to the Specialized family!

Pedal The Planet Forward
These new delivery options are part of our larger initiative to bring the greatest human-powered machine to as many humans as possible. We believe that a bicycle is more than transportation. It’s a tool to transform the world. Block by block. Mile by mile. Generation by generation. Together, we’re Pedaling The Planet Forward.

As always, your trusted Specialized retailer will be there to guide you if you prefer to shop in-store and ensure that you have a great experience for a lifetime of riding.

*Turbo electric bikes are not eligible for Ship to Home at this time. Specialized Delivery will be available in select markets at launch.

Updated February 1: Specialized's Rider Direct program is now live. Customers can have select models shipped directly to their door.
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