What is it

The latest top of the line XC race shoe from the Big Red S is one of the lightest mountain bike shoes ever produced. Excellent stiffness is augmented by high-traction rubber shoe lugs on this new off-road kick. The fit is updated as well, with a tight heel cup and a roomier toe box.

Specialized S-Works 6 XC Shoe

The heel cup of the S-Works 6 XC is pretty tight, something our reviewer enjoyed. But it may not be for everyone.​


  • Very light at 275 grams for a size 42.5 shoe
  • Tighter heel cup is very snug while toes are given extra room with a wider toe box
  • Excellent comfort for long days in the saddle, great for mountain biking, cyclocross and gravel
  • BOA closures allow for a wide range of on-the-fly micro adjustment


  • Very expensive at $400
  • The BOA S2 Snap closures are light but don't have a quick release like the IP1 model.
  • Each time putting on or taking off the shoes, you need to lace the Boa wire across the shoe.

Specialized S-Works 6 XC Shoe

BOA's S2 Snap dial is low-profile and saves weight over the popular IP1 dial, but to do so it foregoes the quick release.​

Mtbr's Take

Specialized's new S-Works 6 XC mountain bike shoes rank among the very best cycling shoes we have tested. Fit is always an important consideration, but if they do suit your foot, the stiff, grippy sole, tight heel cup, and excellent upper deliver premium performance and comfort.

Small details like the titanium cleat nut and Dyneema-reinforced upper show Specialized's eagerness to incorporate modern materials into its top-tier shoes. To call them perfect would be misleading, but aside from the slightly inconvenient BOA closures, they're darn near there. If mountain bike racing, cyclocross, or even gravel events are your cup of tea, Specialized's S-Works 6 XC shoes are sure to impress.

Specialized S-Works 6 XC Shoe

As you'd expect, carbon fiber is used in the shoe's sole to keep it light and rigid. Grippy, rubber lugs offer good off-bike traction. Beneath the cleat is a titanium cleat nut that saves weight.​

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $400
More Info: www.specialized.com