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Specialized Pitch with a coil shock?

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Does anyone know if a coil shock will fit in a pitch frame. I've got a CCDB of the right size from my old heckler frame and the pitch looks like the ideal replacement frame. Ideally I'd want it to fit a small frame as I want to build this up as a play bike and am not to worried about efficient climbing. I've had a look round but can't find many who have tried it; are there limitations with space? Someone must have given in a go...?

Failing that, does anyone have a good, non driveside, picture of a small pitch frame/bike so I can use photoshop to get an idea if it could be squeezed in?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Im pretty sure there was someone on here that built up a small pitch with a coil and ran into problems with the piggyback smacking the down tube when compressed. Im pretty sure it was a rocco. Guys with larger frames have had no problems. Search for threads concerning this with Enduro SL's More guys have done the conversion on the SL and they are basically the same frame as the pitch.
I've got an 08 moco world cup sitting there that I haven't installed yet. I'll try it this week. I fear that the blow off will hit the bottom tube where it comes up. I'm 90% there won't be issues with the dhx coil.
Theres people who have done it.
Heres a shot:
Exept it is a Van R, Don't think it matter though.
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